Available Positions

At the Hydrometallurgy and Environment Group in the Mining Department at Queen’s University we are always excited to hear from highly-motivated students. We welcome people interested in all aspects of hydrometallurgy, electrometallurgy and minerals electrochemistry. In particular we are looking for students that wish to explore these themes and that are open to the possibilities that such studies offer. If you are such a student, read through the information provided on these pages and get in touch with Prof. Ahmad Ghahreman.

RESEARCH ASSISTANT POSITION (IMMEDIATE):  The Hydrometallurgy and Environment Group has an immediate position for a Research Assistant to carry out hydrometallurgy experiments and support the group in conducting cutting edge research on hydrometallurgical treatment of resource materials, and process development. An ideal candidate would have BSc or MSc in chemistry, chemical engineering, or metallurgical engineering or related fields, and maybe 1 to 3 years of laboratory experience. Skills related to the hydrometallurgical processing of materials (i.e. leaching, solution purification, solvent extraction, ion exchange, crystallization, electrowinning, etc) are valuable assets.  If interested please contact Dr. Ahmad Ghahreman by email.

Other Currently Available Positions: We are currently looking for Three Ph.D. and one Master’s students and one PDF to join the group in January 2018 or earlier.

In order to be considered for the PDF or Ph.D. position, the candidate ideally should have a Master’s degree (and Ph.D. for those applying for PDF position) in materials or chemical engineering or chemistry, with a very strong chemistry or electrochemistry background.  Previous experiences in chemical metallurgy, hydrometallurgy, reaction engineering, and/or very good understanding of electrochemical techniques will be a valuable asset.

A good candidate for the Master’s position would ideally have a B.Sc. in materials or chemical engineering or chemistry, previous experience of laboratory work, and a very good GPA.

Application Procedure: Please send your application (a cover letter, CV, list of two or three references, and publications) via email to Prof. Ahmad Ghahreman.